COVID surges again

Another COVID Surge? As Scientists Map The Immune System, Do Your Part To Stay Strong

Two headlines jumped off the newsfeeds at us recently.

First was this: “Rising COVID-19 case numbers and hospitalizations likely mean we're in a new phase of the pandemic." - Media briefing,The Johns Hopkins University,School of Public Health on May 10, 2022.

Health Direct and Robert Downey Jr share an epic eyeroll over the resurgence of COVID-19

Oh, great!

The second was in a medical news journal about two researchers each on a project to help contribute to the Human Cell Atlas. They are mapping the types and traits of immune cells. This is exciting news because they have expanded our understanding of the types of immune cells we have and what they do.

Who knew there was a Human Cell Atlas Initiative?!

While in the first story, researchers are thankfully predicting that this next wave will be less lethal and that our COVID-19 response is more efficient now; it does mean that it’s still time to do the things we know work while the group in the second story continues its research.

We’ve all learned quite a bit over the last years amid the global pandemic! Most of us hadn’t been very focused on the fine details of the human immune system, types of immune cells, problematic immune system responses – and then suddenly we were. We found out that if your body is weak and you don’t have much lean muscle mass, your immune fighting team won’t have the resources it needs to mount a good, strong defense.

We began working to develop a product we knew would help people stay as healthy as possible by combining long-standing natural heroes for respiratory health like Colostrum, Quercetin, and Beta-Glucan which are now in some of the most advanced and innovative forms available. We also knew that our flagship product: AminoSculpt, a medical-grade liquid collagen peptide supplement, would be a perfect companion for people building up their immune response defenses because we have decades of data showing that our triple hydrolyzed, tiny peptides build lean body mass – the immune system’s reservoir of energy to fight pathogens.

The most interesting thing we found during our research and development was that boosting the immune system isn’t the best course of action. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen people experience an overreaction from their immune systems, cytokine storms, and the triggering of autoimmune disorders, many of which had been dormant or asymptomatic for people. Instead, the research showed that it was more important to prime the immune system.

Qubeco Immune System Primer for better respiratory health and defense

We developed Qubeco®, our newest immune health product, to take time-tested ingredients in their most cutting-edge form so that you would have sensible, science-backed nutrients in a tasty, easy-to-use melt tablet. But beyond great science, we also wanted to make sure we took some of the pressure off – Qubeco is a storehouse of resources in a two tablet – once a day formula.

There’s been enough stress for all of us in this pandemic, now’s the time to do something good for yourself...and no matter what variant comes along – you can have peace of mind that you’ve given your body the best resources to weather the storm.

Read more about Qubeco here. You deserve the best and we’re here to do the hard work to ensure you have it!

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