Health Direct | Cherished Summer Memories Have Me Thinking Creatively About New Products!

Cherished Summer Memories Have Me Thinking Creatively About New Products!

Hey!  For some of our customers, it's time to say “Happy Summer!” and for others, we promise, it's just around the corner. Here in California, summer has arrived, and I'm loving it!

I grew up in Redondo Beach.  I loved summertime – the weather was warm, there were good waves, lots of volleyball, body surfing – we spent as much time outside as we could.  My friends and I loved to bike along The Strand that connects our beach cities from Torrance Beach to Manhattan Beach.  Riding along, The Beach Boys singing “Surfing USA” would come across the radio. You could hear people up and down the beach yelling out “Redondo Beach, L.A.” when they hit that part of the song.

I have so many great memories of growing up in the South Bay. Check out this photo I found online.


Great photo by Geoff Hagins from his Pinterest account of Hermosa Beach in the 70s.
The Strand


One of our favorite things to do on a hot summer’s day was to ride from Redondo to Hermosa to Juicy Lucy’s.  This guy had a TINY hole in the wall window in a building on the bike path, and he sold THE MOST AMAZING fruit popsicles ever! They were all fruit and full of flavor.  They were so refreshing on a hot summer day, and I still kind of drool at the thought of those flavors.

What Those Memories Made Me Think About

I'm not just reminiscing because I'm nostagic for the old days; those memories are impacting some new products I'm developing; one of them is an homage to those great fruit popsicles we used to get.  I’m hoping I can recreate that flavor experience for you too because it was just so good.


I'm curious – what’s your favorite flavor combination of summer?
Email me back here. It doesn’t have to be fruit-based.  I mean, I have to say, the old Chart House® mudpie is a pretty happy memory too.

Be on the lookout for an email soon about some new products I have coming out.

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