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The latest science shows Coffeeberry Extract found in AminoMind is a superfood and BDNF-building supplement for brain health.

What Is A Coffeeberry?

What is a coffeeberry? Whether you call it a coffee berry, coffee cherry, coffeeberry, coffee fruit, arabica berry or by any other name, this new superfood is a game changing, BDNF-building, immune support, and brain health supplement worth looking into.

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Which is better: Liquid or powdered collagen?

Is Liquid Collagen Better Than Powdered Collagen?

Is liquid collagen better than powdered? What's the best way to take collagen? What does collagen do in the body? All great questions and we've got answers for you.

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Save your brain and memory with nootropic collagen

Save Your Brain and Memory With Nootropic Collagen

Discover the world’s first nootropic collagen supplement that boosts BDNF, a critical protein for brain health and memory. Nootropics enhance cognitive function, helping you stay sharp and focused. Learn why boosting BDNF is essential for long-term brain vitality and how this breakthrough supplement can improve your mental performance.

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Nootropics are called cognitive enhancers - can they really make you smarter?

Can Nootropics Really Make You Smarter?

Wondering if nootropics can really boost your brain power? Explore the science behind these supplements and how they can support neurogenesis, enhance plasticity, and provide vital nutrients for optimal brain health.

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Keep your brain sharp - how your brain works and the effects of aging

How Your Brain Works and How The Aging Process Affects It

The aging brain - keeping your brain sharp. In this article, we will explore how your brain works, the effects of aging on the brain, brain fog, neuroplasticity, and nutrients such as coffeeberry extract and collagen that can help you stay sharp.

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Does Collagen Help Fascia? Keeping Your Fascia Fit and Fed

Does Liquid Collagen Help Fascia? Keeping Your Fascia Fit and Fed

Discover the incredible world of fascia, the continuous web of connective tissue that supports and interconnects our body's structures. Learn about its composition, functions, and crucial role in mobility and overall health. Explore the power of collagen, especially AminoSculpt Liquid Collagen, in nurturing strong and flexible fascia for a vibrant, pain-free life.

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 4 things you should never do before bed, and 1 you absolutely must.

Optimize Your Bedtime Routine

Discover the secrets to better sleep and enhanced health. Learn how to overcome common sleep thieves like screen time, late-night snacking, FOMO, and temperature disruptions. Plus, unlock the power of collagen to supercharge your sleep and revitalize your body, all in one simple sip. Don't miss out on a restful night's sleep!

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The power of amino acids: energy for your body and health

Unlocking the Power of Amino Acids: Energize Your Body and Boost Your Health

The 9 essential amino acids are the building blocks for protein synthesis, supporting muscle growth, repair, and overall tissue maintenance. They are integral to immune system function, hormone production, and neurotransmitter synthesis. AminoSculpt Liquid Collagen is the only liquid collagen with all 9 in a micropeptide formula.

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If you sacrifice your health for a weight loss drug - you're doing it wrong

If You Sacrifice Your Health For a Weight Loss Drug - You're Doing It Wrong

Using a weight loss drug like semaglutide or tirzepatide? Your muscle mass is at risk! These drugs mimic GLP-1 hormone, but may lead to muscle loss. Learn how AminoSculpt, Sculpt n' Cleanse and Ready Fiber are complementary supplements for preserving muscle mass, improving digestion, and weight management.

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Your Gift - Download our eBook of collagen soft drink recipes -- on us

Your Gift - Download Our Collagen Soft Drink Recipes

Easy-to-make collagen sodas are better than regular sodas, your sugar-free drink with *zing* actually provides you with protein from our 3x hydrolyzed liquid collagen peptides.

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Chill Out! Summer is FINALLY here & we've got POPSICLES!

We've Got High Protein Collagen Popsicle Recipes!

Summertime is finally here -- cool off with a refreshing protein-rich popsicle made with AminoSculpt liquid collagen.  You'll get 10 grams of protein in your pops!  Free recipe book to download in this post.
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