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Your Gift - Download Our Collagen Soft Drink Recipes

Ready to chill out and enjoy something refreshing and healthy?  Get your free download of our latest  Collagen Soft Drinks Recipes eBook!


You'll get recipes that are simple to make versions of some of your favorite sodas but better!  You can easily make a protein-rich, sugar-free alternative to the chemical-packed, high-sugar/high fructose corn syrup drinks you find at your local grocery store. And these are even better than a home soft drink machine because your drink with *zing* actually provides you with premium protein peptides from our 3x hydrolyzed liquid collagen peptides found in AminoSculpt Liquid Collagen. No other soft drink offers so much.

Anyone Can Make These!

These recipes are so simple, kids can make them all by themselves!  A great way to enjoy a break at work, after work and after school - our sodas are better than anything else on the soft drink aisle and more economical too.  

Fr*e*e Ebook of recipes to make refreshing, protein packed, sugar-free collagen sodas

Download your FREE copy today and get a bonus Flavor Pairing Chart too.