Chill Out! Summer is FINALLY here & we've got POPSICLES!

We've Got High Protein Collagen Popsicle Recipes!

Summer Refreshment Meets Wellness: Get Your Free Collagen Popsicle Recipe Ebook Today

It's official, Summer is here. We've just passed the longest day of the year. (That's worthy of a gift, right?! More on that in a minute.) Remember how we reveled in summer vacation as kids? It's time to be a kid again!

Summer is the season we all love to get outside, but you may want/need to cool off too. As kids, we would reach for a popsicle in the freezer or celebrate the arrival of the ice cream man and his truck.

Well, we've got a secret for you and it might make you feel like a kid again; you can create protein-rich popsicles with our AminoSculpt liquid collagen!

Whether you choose a water-based pop or a whole fruit pop, you'll be getting 20,000 to 36,000 mg of protein peptides in your pops from one of our super yummy liquid collagen flavors.

You already know that not all collagens are the same. What sets us apart from other collagens is that our liquid, highly-bioavailable peptides are easy to use with no mixing or graininess...or that dreaded gunk cemented to everything. We also have 7 different versions packed full flavor that adults like and kids do too.

aminosculpt® liquid collagen - sugar-free 18 grams of protein peptides per serving

You can use AminoSculpt with water for fast, easy popsicles that are also sugar-free; or, add fresh fruits and berries with their natural fiber for a healthy homemade treat. If you prefer a creamy style of popsicle, add in coconut milk or Greek-style yogurt. You can even get a portion of your daily fiber by adding our flavorless, clear, prebiotic Ready Fiber-- it naturally amplifies the sweetness without extra sugar.

Better than anything you'll find at your grocery store, you'll have fun creating something you like and trying new flavor combinations like Peach-Basil, Pina Colada, or even Sweet Tea with Ginger. Unlike the bars and pops in your local frozen food aisles, your popsicles won't be full of added sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. You can make them organic and non-GMO if you'd like; you can even make them exotic with fruits like starfruit, kiwi, dragon fruit, papaya, guava, or passionfruit.

Making popsicles doesn't require anything fancy either. Use a silicone mold, or a Dixie cup will work just fine too. You can even opt for shot glasses. Of course, you'll need some type of stick for your popsicles. Popsicle sticks are a natural choice, but you can use a plastic spoon just as easily.

Let's Talk Popsicles - free eBook of recipes

We've Created a Gift for You

Our newest eBook is recipe booklet to help you make fast and easy collagen popsicles that are actually rich in protein peptides.

You'll have basic recipes for water-based pops, chunky fruit pops, juicy fruit pops, and creamy fruit pops all packed with protein.

We've also developed some recipes to inspire you and help you get started with each type of popsicle. Download your free copy today — there's a nice surprise for you on page 7!

As you enjoy the early days of summer, we hope our protein-rich popsicles inspire great gatherings and refreshing breaks for you throughout the summer season.

Download your free collagen popsicle recipe eBook here.

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