Your Gift - Download Our eBook of Collagen Soft Drink Recipes -- On Us

Posted by Lisa Moretti

Ready to enjoy something refreshing and healthy?  Check out our new Collagen Soft Drinks eBook!

You can easily make a protein-rich, sugar-free alternative to the chemical-packed, high-sugar/high fructose corn syrup drinks you find at your local grocery store. This is even better than home soft drink machine because your drink with *zing* actually provides you with protein from our 3x hydrolyzed liquid collagen peptides.

These recipes are so simple, kids can make them!  A great way to enjoy a break at work, after work and after school - our sodas are better than anything else on the soft drink aisle and more economical too.  

Fr*e*e Ebook of recipes to make refreshing, protein packed, sugar-free collagen sodas

Download your FREE copy today and get a bonus Flavor Pairing Chart too.