How to Completely Reshape Your Body eBook

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Description of How to Completely Reshape Your Body eBook

How to Completely Reshape Your Body! is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for losing weight safely and reshaping your body. You won't find any crash diets, intense workout programs, or weird foods to eat - just a simple, evidence-based program designed by Health Direct founder Jim Caras. Jim Caras has consulted in the health and nutrition industry for over 20 years. How to Completely Reshape Your Body! is on its sixth publication and his articles on anti-aging, weight loss, pain relief, and achieving optimal health have been published in numerous health magazines. Jim is Founder and CEO of Health Direct, whose “Innovative Anti-Aging Solutions” have benefited over a million users worldwide.

why this is one of the most authentic books on weight loss you’ll ever read...

There are many books on weight loss, and more coming out seemingly every day. With Americans becoming increasingly overweight, many nutritional companies, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and opportunists, recognize it as a way to make a quick buck – and for some – massive amounts of money. The resulting weight loss supplements, dangerous metabolic stimulants and drugs, and books with fancy or impressive-sounding titles have flooded the market to lure those of us who battle with our weight this was never the case with this book.

the problem with most other weight loss books and authors...

Unlike most of the other weight loss authors, I have battled with my weight (even as a child), just like you. Also, unlike most weight loss authors, everything in the book was developed and used by me to lose weight, reshape my body, and improve my health. The problem I personally have with most other programs and books is that they are written by people who have not battled their weight as you and I have. The problem is...

the problem with most other weight loss books and authors... 

Most of the people who write weight loss books – naturally thin people, doctors, fitness gurus, celebrities. – really don’t know what it is like to be overweight and to struggle to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong, there is some really good information, research, and concepts out there. BUT unless the author actually has been overweight and done the program themselves, they really don’t understand what is going through our minds and how to structure
their programs to overcome the thoughts, beliefs, and temptations that challenge us.

What they don’t know and can’t learn from research, facts, or putting other people or patients on their program is what it's like to:

  • Stand there in the morning, or before going out to a social event, stare aimlessly in your closet for clothing that makes you look the least fat.
  • Struggle to button or zip up your clothes.
  • Go shopping and be horrified when seeing your bulging fat in the mirror of the dressing room. Do you ever wonder if the stores buy the left-over mirrors from the funhouse at the circus?
  • Feel depressed during the day or at that special event when your clothing is tight and you feel fat.
  • Have naturally thin people and doctors tell you to “eat less” and/or “exercise more” – especially when it’s not working.
  • Be hungry all the time; never have that satisfying feeling when eating that makes you want to stop.
  • Crave sweets and caffeinated beverages.
  • Crave sweets at night, even after you’ve eaten a satisfying meal.
  • Buy new clothes, and not only be discouraged at your “new” larger size, but being embarrassed to tell the store clerk what size you are (as you sheepishly say, “I’m usually a 4, but some clothes fit me as an 8,” when you’re actually an 8).
  • Avoid outdoor events (beaches, lakes, etc.) or special events (like reunions) because of how you look.

I can go on and on - and only those of us who have been there knowing what I am talking about - they can’t learn what we feel and know what it’s like from a book, dietician or medical school, or from research findings.

i didn’t get a big fat “writing bonus” from a publisher, nor did i have a “ghostwriter” 

This book is an authentic, real story and discovery of what I found and did to lose weight and reshape my body, as well as assist many people to do the same. I didn’t get a monetary “bonus” from a publisher. And unlike most of the other authors who have ghostwriters help them write (or write the book for them), I wrote every single word in this book myself. It may not be pretty, but it's real – and it works.

Also, you’ll notice, I didn’t pay or include a doctor to be a “co-author” for credibility or to make this book more “marketable” (this is what most publishers require an author like me to do).
  I refused to sell out and put anyone as a co-author who never experienced what you and I have or who hasn’t used this program.

And please understand, I do respect, reference, quote and speak about various medical professionals. I have many wonderful doctors, pharmacists, and credentialed authorities as friends, co-workers, and associates; and without their assistance and support, my discovery and success would not have been possible

…and i chose actual “results” over an endorsement

Also, most publishers insist on having a forward from a credentialed person to add “credibility” to their book. Once again, I chose not to. Instead, I chose to put my results and those of my clients in this book – and let the actual results of overweight people like you speak for themselves.

i didn’t get paid to write this book nor did i do it to sell products 

As you are about to learn in The Discovery section of the book, this program was originally researched by me, and only for my own personal use for losing weight and improving the health challenges I had. As people saw my results, they asked me to help them do what I did. This led to the eventual writing of this book and my recommending a few products I took with the eating and exercise program I developed. Unlike other authors, I didn’t get paid to write it, I was passionate about helping my friends and family lose weight and improve their health. Also, I didn’t own a supplement company, nor did I have any plans to.

Years later, I eventually started a supplement company out of necessity, as I was concerned and wanted my readers to be assured they would be able to get the absolute best quality and effective products that were available. I cover all this in detail in the Reference & Resource section as it is a fascinating and inspiring story of how I went from being dead broke, and only having a dream and passion to help others lose weight – to eventually being able to positively affect the health of over one million people worldwide!

The point of all this is that this book was originally written with only the pure intention of helping my friends, family, and all my new friends, like you, to lose weight and improve their health! This book is written probably unlike any weight loss book you have ever read. It’s conversational, personal, moving, funny, sad, informative, and politically incorrect – and it’s definitely not boring. It’s the real thing – just straight forward information that works.

So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, soda, or Twinkie (all of these are your last!), and let’s get acquainted – and let me assist you like I have done with thousands of others, in losing weight and getting in the best shape of your life. 

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