Is Medical-Grade

Liquid Collagen
Better For You?

Yes. It’s the #1 choice of doctors and hospitals for fat loss, more energy, joint support, and better hair, skin and nails.  Here’s why...

It’s easy to find a collagen product. But, it’s not easy to know if it’ll actually work.  Dozens of collagen products have flooded the market in every form, flavor, and at every price imaginable. So, when choosing one, how can you be sure you’re making the right decision?  With over 35 years of medical use, doctors have done your homework for you...

Decades of Proven Medical Use

First, these liquid peptides have been used by over 4,700 physicians, clinics, hospitals and health professionals for over 35 years. They’re preferred because they have provided consistent results for decades with a proven safety record, even when used by patients with serious health problems.

The Collagen That Doctors Recommend to Other Doctors

With over 102 million doses and rising, doctors and hospitals remain steadfast in their commitment to liquid Type 1, enzymatically hydrolyzed, collagen peptides (found in Health Direct’s AminoSculpt).  This true Medical-Grade Collagen™ is considered the “Gold Standard” by the medical community.  Here’s why...

Proven Medical Use

Second, these liquid peptides contain pure Type 1 collagen. While there are 28 different types of collagen in the body, 90% of your body’s collagen is Type 1.  Plus, the weight of published scientific research supports Type 1 collagen, making it a solid choice

Type 2 collagen is good for healthy cartilage (and has some effects on skin) but lacks many benefits of Type 1 collagen. Newer fad products contain less useful forms of collagen such as Types 3, 5, or 10. While these additional types may look enticing, there is little medical evidence supporting their use. They won’t hurt you, but be wary of paying extra money for no additional health benefits.

Liquid Collagen is Best

Third, doctors prefer peptides in “liquid” form.  Most of the published studies, patents, and real-world medical use are on liquid collagen. Plus, these liquid peptides are “enzymatically hydrolyzed” (pre-digested with natural fruit enzymes) for maximum absorption, and better results. Liquids are also ready-to-use and do not have to be mixed with food or juice.  They provide the most collagen in the smallest dose.  And, they’re safer to take than powders and pills with no danger of choking, or difficulty swallowing. 

The #1 Medical-Grade Collagen™

Although there are many collagen products available, only AminoSculpt®  contains the same liquid collagen peptides used by 4,700 medical professionals for over 35 years.  It’s the original medical-grade, liquid  Type 1 collagen peptide supplement and the only one with...