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Build YBuild Your Brain and Keep It Healthy with these 5 easy tipsour Brain and Keep It Healthy with these 5 easy tips

5 Easy Ways to Build Your Brain

Do these 5 simple things that will ensure a healthy, happy brain. Taking care of your brain now ensures you'll be able to stay sharp, live independently, and enjoy life for all your days.
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A multivitamin may be your secret weapon for lasting brain health | Health Direct USA

Should You Use A Liquid Multivitamin For Brain Health?

Should you use a liquid multivitamin for brain health? Absolutely. But choose a broad spectrum multivitamin with methylated Bs and all the added nutrients for top notch brain (and body) maintenance, protection, and optimal health.
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Health Direct | Stop Counting Calories, Use Your Body's Natural Rhythms To Lose Weight

Stop Counting Calories Use Intermittent Fasting To Lose Weight

The science behind Intermittent Fasting is simple: when you fast, your body enters a metabolic state called ketosis that helps you burn fat more efficiently. This means fewer cravings and more weight loss over time. Intermittent fasting has other long-term health benefits, like improving cognitive performance, boosting immunity, and reducing inflammation. Intermittent fasting also activates autophagy - the body’s natural process of detoxification.
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The adaptogens in Ashwagandha can help relieve that wound up and bound up reaction to stress.

Wound Up and Bound Up?

Stress can dramatically impact your digestive health!  If you find yourself wound up and bound up, there are effective ways to balance stress and let that sh*t go. Ashwagandha, a time-tested adaptogen, helps mitigate excess cortisol and disrupted serotonin production to ease anxiety, and enhance gut health. 
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Health Direct | Vitamin K2 and Your Smile!

There's A Connection Between Vitamin K2 and Your Smile!

By now, you've heard there is a strong connection between dental health and heart health. At first blush, that may seem kind of weird. But now researchers are realizing that Vitamin K2 is an essential contributor to both heart and dental health.
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